My sessions offer an opportunity to practice responding to intrusive questions and practice narrating your/your child’s adoption narrative. I offer adoptee sessions in which one can learn and create adoption language. My sessions include support on how to be an intentional cross-racial adoptive parent, same race adoption narratives, how to dismantle your ‘whiteness’, building your world through books, series, movies, and tools for how to navigate father-daughter relationships.

  • All sessions 1 hour long
  • All sessions are offered either face-to-face or via Skype.
  • Family/parents/siblings or individual sessions.
  • Bookings of 4 sessions or more receive a 10% discount.
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My creative grief support sessions offer an opportunity to practice meaning-making after or before grief/loss or trauma, externalising grief/loss or trauma, defining grief/loss or trauma and identifying support structures. I offer Remembering Conversations in which one can find space to speak of and remember the dead and dying. In my sessions, you will learn to build safe creative structures, develop support language and learn to be with grief/loss/trauma.

  • All sessions run for 1 hour.
  • Individual sessions
  • Face-to-face or via Skype.
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Racism Defence:

Racism is so deeply embedded in our society that often it feels almost impossible to sift through our behaviour in order to identify, and ultimately change, the internalised and normalised actions and reactions that make us harmful to ourselves and others.

  • Individual and group sessions
  • Group mediation sessions
  • Support forĀ  how to identify and unpack racism.
  • Duration : 1 hour per session
Antamu Items:

In my sessions, you will learn to work with the hands, to be unintentional, practice being imperfect and work emotion into inanimate objects. These sessions teach you meaning-making through art.

  • Create something for yourself, for a loved one – alive or deceased.
  • Minimum of 2 sessions per item.
  • Duration: 1 hour per session.
Movement sessions:

Each 1 hour session will offer you the opportunity to connect to the deepest parts of the self by working with breath, true relaxing techniques, and creating a flow of blood and oxygen. These sessions aim to sharpen alertness and relieve anxiety, stress, and tension. Come and learn to play again.

  • Home visits.
  • Private/group studio sessions.
  • Dance classes are held weekly: Wednesday @ 6:30pm (beginners) Thursday @ 5:30pm (intermediate.
  • Classes are held at The Alive Dance Studio in Muizenberg, 16 Palmer Road.
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