Mentors find entry into our lives in strange ways. Some of us seek them out, while for others, they just exist without us being aware.  As an Empowerement Practitioner, I have many mentors, both for the personal and the professional spaces that I move through.

My mentoring began many years ago, before I even knew that it was something that the world might ask of me. Individuals in the adoption community reached out to me, asking for advice, support, suggestions. Maybe it was this that pushed me towards studying performance and then psychology (storytelling and listening)?

Each mentoring session offers an opportunity for parents (biological or adoptive) and individuals, to begin the long, slow process of acknowledging that you are not infact a saviour and that no matter what path you choose to create, you will inevitably reach a point where your child (biological or adopted) or community (chosen or not) confronts you with questions you hoped would never come.

This is a space for individuals to:

  • Practise responding to intrusive questions.
  • Practise creating or narrating  your/your child’s adoption narrative.
  • Create your own languaging around the structure of your relashionships/family.
  • Practise being an intentional, suppotive parent or partner.
  • Practise how to dismantle your insecurity.
  • Build your world through books, series, movies and conversations.


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Remembering the things that we have lost can help us to no longer feel like it is, or he/she/they are leaving a gap, a wound or a scar. Speaking allows room for healing and wholeness to begin shaping itself.

Loss can be hyper-visible or deeply internal and invisible. For example:

•The loss of not achieving your goal matric results, whether last year or 70 years ago.
•The loss of a partner through breakup, death or separation – loss can also be your decision. The feeling of loss is still worthy of your attention and deserves to be remembered if you so choose.
•The loss of a job. Of a family member. Of a colleague. A friend. A friend’s friend.
•The feelings related to loss or gain of weight, a limb/ appendage or an ability. Where there is change, remembering should have permission to be present.

Re-membering converstion is originally associated  with people who have passed. We, as Creative Grief practitioners, are trained to make room for individuals to remember those who have gone. Through my time as an Empowerment Practitioner, at the Creative Grief Studio and through life experience, I recognise how necessary it is to tailor the theories to a context that includes loss that has not been acknowledged or experienced by practitioners trained only in Western methodologies. My creative grief support sessions offer an opportunity to practise:

  • meaning-making after or before grief/loss or trauma.
  • externalising grief/loss or trauma.
  • defining grief/loss or trauma and identifying support structures.

I offer Remembering Conversations in which one can find space to speak of and remember those who have gone, things that are no longer with you or experiences that left you changed. In these sessions, I aim to help  you learn to build safe creative structures that empower you rather than deepen the scars created by grief/loss or trauma.


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So many of us have been raised/socialised to invest in the belief that all human minds, bodies and abilities are the same. For years, we have all been referenced to one particular standard.

As we gain awareness and information regarding our differneces and the never ending variations of being human, being hurt, being mentally unwell, being educated/informed,  we are beginning to recognise that maybe, just maybe, these things that we have been told were best for us, are possibly the cause of our internal unrest.

As an Empowerment Practitioner, I follow an ideology that allows for curiosity and inquiry. We have the capasity to aquire knowledge about things outside of ourelves. We have the tools to hold thoughts and contemplate complex intagiable ideas. Why do we not apply these same abilities to our own internal wellbeing?

Each Empowerment session aims to ceate space for individuals to consider themselves in relation to the self that they have created, the spaces in which this self was created, and the self that one might hope to become.

Each session can be tailored to your specific needs within the parameters of my archived tools and rescources.  I borrow heavily from the creative and artistic elements of play, art and handwork. I fuse methodologies of dance, performance and movement/sound making. Empowerment sessions can be held in a group setting, with a family, as an individual or as a couple.

Please enquire about:

  • Empowered People – Empowered Business (corporate teambuilding workshops).
  • Empowered Youth – Powerful Future ( youth initiative)
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