As an  Adoption Mentor, my role is to provide space for adoptees to come together, meet and find a safe space to share their thoughts, ideas, concerns and narratives outside of what society expects of them. The world is filled with the adoptive parent narrative. Adoptees often struggle to find space to speak their own, personal truth. We meet once a month.

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Empowerment is something that deserves to be practised. We can not, however, ignore that society and corporate culture, historically, works to homogonise us rather than individualise us. There is power in the homogenous entity, but is there longevity? A long lasting business, with a strong team deserves the opportunity to empower itself by acknowledging the individuals who run it. Your business deserves this too.

  • Corporate teambuilding workshops
  • School or university group mediation
  • 4 X 2 hour group sessions
  • Tailored to your specific requirements

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ASSA is a movement consisting of myriad activities, drawing on over 15 years of experience in teaching, psychology, play therapy, movement therapy, facilitation, child minding and Creative Grief, Trauma and Loss Studies. Our spaces are made up of kids play dates, teen meetups, and adult events. ASSA is the perfect place to ask questions, make comments, share an experience, make a best friend or simply rest, while a world that allows you to see yourself mirrored in it, goes by.

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Adoption is a concept that so many people in the world do not understand. Thola Antamu (black) and her mother (white), tell their adoption story with the hope of sharing advice, joys, fears and happiness with an audience who is willing and open to listen, learn, expand, and create a warm safe space for the many new families that are thinking about, wanting to and have adopted in South Africa. Society tick boxes into which we do not want to fit. This is our story.

  • (1st show) – Black and White an Adoption Storytelling.
  • (2nd show) – Black and White in Colour.
  • Bookings for coferences and workshops.
  • Bookings for podcasts and interviews
  • Bookings for once off performances.

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